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Pointless Ramblings

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If you stumbled over this journal, then you're probably one of Jena's friends and already know about her. If not, then...hello random person! o:

This is Jena's "writing" journal. Rather then posting angsty/bitchy/emo rants, or floods of online quizzes (as is common in her main journal), the focus here will be fanfiction and original stories. And all that good literary crap. >_>;; LOL DISREGARD THAT, I now ramble about emo crap here.

The reasoning behind the creation of the journal, was because Jena is trying to get back to her writing roots. After writer's block ate her soul, she turned to art instead, and has been completely absorbed by it. But she missed writing, and decided to take another shot at it.

Mainly, the sudden decision was fuled by her browsing a lot of "theme challenge" comunities. They sparked her intrest, and she wanted to have a go at it.

This journal may/will contain:

Shounen-ai/Yaoi - Basically put, boys love. Men with men. Characters that are gayer then christmas. Etc, etc.

Shoujo-ai/Yuri - Same as above, but with teh womens.

Het - Men with women, women with men. This will probably be seen most often then not.

Lemon/lime - Hentai/porn, or damn close to it. Despite how childish she may act, Jena IS an adult. So writing of this level (though not very common from her) shouldn't be surprising.

If you are offended by any/all of these things, you'd better back away now.

Jena will put fair warnings on all her writing, and the stories themselves will be in cuts (if she can figure it out), so please don't bitch at her for writing what she does. She's giving you plenty of warnings, so it's your own damn fault if you read something you persinally find offensive. >__>;

Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy the writing, and please be sure to leave any coments/constructive crits you may have. :3 Flames will be cheerfully ignored.

Some of Jena's OTPs Include:

taichi x sora otp